The CleanAccess Tunnel converts an entrance into a decontaminating passage. First the user steps on a mat impregnated with disinfectant, then presents their face to the thermal camera for temperature measurement (possibly followed by a confirmation with an automated laser thermometer). If no symptoms of fever are detected, the user is invited to pass through a mist of atomised disinfectant.
The user is guided by a traffic light system and by on-screen instructions at the entrance and inside the tunnel, their position is detected with motion sensors.

The CleanAccess Tunnel has 2 separate dispensing systems: 1 for hand sanitiser and another for mat and spray nebuliser. The hand sanitiser is stored in a tank and dispensed when a hand is sensed. The atomised disinfectant is taken from its own tank and mixed with water from another tank by an automatic dosing pump, before being delivered to the user. This allows a 10 litre container of biocide to be applied to up to 45000 users.

No. All liquids used by the tunnel, along with all waste fluids, are stored onboard. They have enough capacity for over 100 hours of continuous use. After this point, the waste water needs to be drained and the fresh water refilled.

Yes. The standard version of the CleanAccess Tunnel works with a traffic light system. Additional security options in development include card readers and facial recognition, which together with the option of physical barriers at the tunnel exit, offer a complete solution for unattended access control to your facilities.
For more information about access control options, please write to us via email or our contact form.

Unfortunately, there is no rapid-use technology capable of detecting asymptomatic carriers of a virus. This is only possible through medical tests involving results that take at least a few hours to obtain.
Our machine detects symptoms of fever by means of a thermal camera with room temperature correction, backed up by a laser thermometer. This dual system minimises false positives and provides a reading when the camera cannot accurately read faces covered by masks, hair or glasses.

To guarantee disinfection we recommend using local distributors for the selection of appropriate biocides and virucides, always following the regulations prescribed by the applicable local authorities.
If no local supplier of chemicals or cleaning products is available in your area, we can recommend alternatives.

Yes. The CleanAccess Tunnel has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, without the need for a connection to the mains water supply.

The user interface panel is available at 2 heights. One has been designed for use by individuals between 1.45m and 2.00m in height. The second version has an additional full panel at a lower height which can be used by anyone taller than 0.5m, including wheelchair users.
Small children can pass through the tunnel in the arms of their caregivers, although in this case, complete decontamination cannot be guaranteed.

Yes. The equipment does not represent any risk as long as the disinfectants used are recommended by your local chemical and cleaning product distributor, and are used according to their instructions.

FUN&WAVES, the company that develops and manufacturers the CleanAccess Tunnel, is dedicated to providing a high quality of service. We are prepared to collaborate on the development of any variant of the product that meets your needs, while maintaining our philosophy: to provide effective solutions with a sound scientific basis, capable of helping to control the Coronavirus pandemic.
There are rapid disinfection systems that do not demonstrate any effectiveness in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 and we do not intend to sell these to our customers. One example being ozone. We want to help, not participate in scams which take advantage customers' lack of expertise. To receive specialised advice, please write to us via email or our contact form.

The machine tests for fever in users by means of a thermal camera which, if a fever is detected, is checked again with an integrated laser thermometer.
If the laser check shows a value above 37.5°, a message appears alerting the user to consult the local medical authorities and the access lights turn red to stop the user continuing. In the version with physical access control, the barriers remain closed; in the version with alarm, it sounds to warn nearby personnel.
Once the user with a high temperature has left the machine, it will automatically restart to receive the next user.

For the design and manufacture of the CleanAccess Tunnel, FUN&WAVES benefits from a team with extensive experience developed in a variety of industries. The result is a product which is robust and reliable, having been comprehensively verified both in the factory and in the field with real-world performance tests at industrial installations.
All CleanAccess machines are put through a rigourous testing and commissioning process before they are shipped to the customer.

The CleanAccess Tunnel is a machine that requires no commissioning. Just unpack, fill the tanks and connect to a a standard electrical socket. The maximum power required is 1800W, so a single 220-240V socket is sufficient (2 standard sockets are required in the case of 110V).

FUN&WAVES will take care of any repairs caused by design or manufacturing defects during the warranty period.
After that, since the machine has been designed with industry standard components, our maintenance team will be able to solve any problems you may have with it. If you do not have maintenance equipment or you prefer direct assistance, FUN&WAVES can help both remotely and in person.

We recommend use with 220V-240V, but in the event that a socket with this voltage is not available, the machine can be connected to 1 or 2 110V sockets, provided that the combined current capacity is at least 17A and power capacity is 1800W.